the following was hand-written  message to “school friends”actually , she is one of those people who I sometimes suspect their knowledge in me … those people who are too awkward to call friends , yet , too awkward to no to . (yes YOU ARE i hope you are reading this -again- bro 😛 )


it (I) says :


-I- am not good at expressing my ((real)) feelings through talking , so I’m writing this because I don’t think I’m going to be able to SAY it to you and get you to clearly understand me , Alright ?

as a normal human being  , I find some stuff are hard to say out loud , because I’m afraid of what’s going to happen if I say It (are you getting the idea?)  , so what I do is , to start “Lying” , I lie to fit in this society of stupid individuals , I lie to survive this fucked up community , I might lie about liking something I don’t even like , I laugh at stupid jokes , I act like I’m interested in stuff I don’t give a fuck about.

so yeah …. I lied … alot

but we “normal humans” do it all the time , right ?

because we cant bare how ugly the truth is

how horrible the truth is

how disgusting it is

so I’m assuming that IT IS actually a normal thing to lie …kinda…I don’t know… & I don’t care honestly


  • I lied – & I still lie – and I might be a forever a liar
  • I REALLY DON’T care about what do you think about me now after reading this , I actually even never cared less than before you reading this, I don’t care if you hate me , or if you like me or whatever . YOUR FEELINGS TOWARDS ME DON’T EFFECT MY OPINIONS ABOUT YOU , but I’m just sayin’
  • I wrote that I might lie to fit in the society  , but that doesn’t mean I’m seeking anything big or bad or stuff like that . actually , its not worth it any more to lie just to be loved or welcomed in here …. yall suck!!

I don’t need to be loved and welcomed by you people , all I need right now at the moment is :

Tea + Sugar + Money + Water ❤

see… no “very important humans” are involved

oh and one more thing

  • this whole thing is just to remind you about how this world might seem all nice and good , but its also full of evil and bad shit

So don’t be mad when life suck

don’t be sad for loosing

don’t be depressed for failing

In This life , there is no time to be sad , there is no time to cry on “things” or “people”

<Live for Yourself>

& My Mom use to say :

“!إن لـــم تـــكن ذئـــبًا ، اكـــــلتك الذئـــاب”

It kinda means “be the wolf , or else you’d be the wolf’s meal “

you still have the choice to be the wolf or it’s meal in this life

I don’t really think I got my point right but you get it

your best better friend

W ❤

(the liar)    😛


Going Pro—Earning Rhino Skin & Learning Which Opinions Matter

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I heard somewhere that, statistically speaking, 10% of people will simply not like us, no matter what we do or how much we try. Whenever we decide to do something remarkable or even just different, this is when we’re most likely to encounter push-back.

Also, if we enjoy any measure of success or achievement, expect to be knifed. This is reality. We cannot control others, only ourselves and how we respond and what we choose to internalize. As writers, we’ll experience this with friends, family and even strangers.

Ah, strangers…

If I met someone and told them I was an HR manager, most people likely wouldn’t reply, “No I meant, what is your real job?”

I wouldn’t have to give a resume of all my accomplishments and proof I made money as an HR manager or even a roster of how many people I had in my charge. Yet, no one seems…

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Before i start this blog , I was thinking deeply about it (like i said in my first post)

I think I might took the idea of blogging way too seriously , seeing all the professional bloggers , how they always had something interesting to show the internet , and how the internet itself was always interested in what they post …


Its not like that , its not about how interesting or exciting or attractive or whatever people see your blog , its about you . its about how you feel about it .

I mean …

when someone gives you an opinion , he is giving you his thoughts , his own personal thoughts , either if its good or bad , accurate or wrong , it has nothing to do with you because this “opinion” came from an other person’s perspective , and an individual probably don’t see things the way other people see , so why would we show much attention to peoples thoughts ?  well unless you’re in a talent show , that’s another story ….

what I’m trying to say is , what do you think about what you do is more important than what other people think about what you do .. got it ?  you can always listen to them for guidance or an advice , but BE CAREfULL WHAT YOU LISTEN TO

“you are what you love , not who loves you “

                                                       -fall Out Boy

 I don’t think im getting any massage clear because of my AMAZING English… but I always hope I do

hating Saturdays


blogs , blogging , bloggers


iv’e been planing to start this blog since forever , and by “planing” i mean thinking about a background idea for what this blog is going to be . what am i going to do with it . what is the main point of making it . and all this thinking involved me doing my usual researches and studies around the internet , i present you my results :

>> Most bloggers write “journals” , they write about things that happen to them in real life sharing them with an audience of online readers that interact with them by commenting .

other bloggers blog about their thoughts and ideas , either if its discussing certain cases in life , or sharing personal ideas about projects or plans , it most the time goes under the propose of “sharing what other people might agree with\ find useful”

others compose stories , novels , poets , songs .. etc ,and post them on their blogs , as a way to share their compositions with the public internet to read and criticize.

…and thats what i might do … kinda

im blogging my thoughts , my ideas , whatever i compose, my journal (if there is anything interesting) , but my propose is different , im not starting this blog for “online readers” , this blog is

  • a practice for my English writing skills
  • a place where i can type down whatever i don’t say (its a mental practice thingie ,idk google about it …)
  • where i gossip and talk about people and things
  • i might post some stories or poets (if i finish one)
  • gud stff 😛

and as i said , im not necessarily writing anything for people to read , but im still posting in public which means im kinda posting for people to read …. weh?

you’ll get it

always excited