the following was hand-written  message to “school friends”actually , she is one of those people who I sometimes suspect their knowledge in me … those people who are too awkward to call friends , yet , too awkward to no to . (yes YOU ARE i hope you are reading this -again- bro 😛 )


it (I) says :


-I- am not good at expressing my ((real)) feelings through talking , so I’m writing this because I don’t think I’m going to be able to SAY it to you and get you to clearly understand me , Alright ?

as a normal human being  , I find some stuff are hard to say out loud , because I’m afraid of what’s going to happen if I say It (are you getting the idea?)  , so what I do is , to start “Lying” , I lie to fit in this society of stupid individuals , I lie to survive this fucked up community , I might lie about liking something I don’t even like , I laugh at stupid jokes , I act like I’m interested in stuff I don’t give a fuck about.

so yeah …. I lied … alot

but we “normal humans” do it all the time , right ?

because we cant bare how ugly the truth is

how horrible the truth is

how disgusting it is

so I’m assuming that IT IS actually a normal thing to lie …kinda…I don’t know… & I don’t care honestly


  • I lied – & I still lie – and I might be a forever a liar
  • I REALLY DON’T care about what do you think about me now after reading this , I actually even never cared less than before you reading this, I don’t care if you hate me , or if you like me or whatever . YOUR FEELINGS TOWARDS ME DON’T EFFECT MY OPINIONS ABOUT YOU , but I’m just sayin’
  • I wrote that I might lie to fit in the society  , but that doesn’t mean I’m seeking anything big or bad or stuff like that . actually , its not worth it any more to lie just to be loved or welcomed in here …. yall suck!!

I don’t need to be loved and welcomed by you people , all I need right now at the moment is :

Tea + Sugar + Money + Water ❤

see… no “very important humans” are involved

oh and one more thing

  • this whole thing is just to remind you about how this world might seem all nice and good , but its also full of evil and bad shit

So don’t be mad when life suck

don’t be sad for loosing

don’t be depressed for failing

In This life , there is no time to be sad , there is no time to cry on “things” or “people”

<Live for Yourself>

& My Mom use to say :

“!إن لـــم تـــكن ذئـــبًا ، اكـــــلتك الذئـــاب”

It kinda means “be the wolf , or else you’d be the wolf’s meal “

you still have the choice to be the wolf or it’s meal in this life

I don’t really think I got my point right but you get it

your best better friend

W ❤

(the liar)    😛


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