Before i start this blog , I was thinking deeply about it (like i said in my first post)

I think I might took the idea of blogging way too seriously , seeing all the professional bloggers , how they always had something interesting to show the internet , and how the internet itself was always interested in what they post …


Its not like that , its not about how interesting or exciting or attractive or whatever people see your blog , its about you . its about how you feel about it .

I mean …

when someone gives you an opinion , he is giving you his thoughts , his own personal thoughts , either if its good or bad , accurate or wrong , it has nothing to do with you because this “opinion” came from an other person’s perspective , and an individual probably don’t see things the way other people see , so why would we show much attention to peoples thoughts ?  well unless you’re in a talent show , that’s another story ….

what I’m trying to say is , what do you think about what you do is more important than what other people think about what you do .. got it ?  you can always listen to them for guidance or an advice , but BE CAREfULL WHAT YOU LISTEN TO

“you are what you love , not who loves you “

                                                       -fall Out Boy

 I don’t think im getting any massage clear because of my AMAZING English… but I always hope I do

hating Saturdays



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