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iv’e been planing to start this blog since forever , and by “planing” i mean thinking about a background idea for what this blog is going to be . what am i going to do with it . what is the main point of making it . and all this thinking involved me doing my usual researches and studies around the internet , i present you my results :

>> Most bloggers write “journals” , they write about things that happen to them in real life sharing them with an audience of online readers that interact with them by commenting .

other bloggers blog about their thoughts and ideas , either if its discussing certain cases in life , or sharing personal ideas about projects or plans , it most the time goes under the propose of “sharing what other people might agree with\ find useful”

others compose stories , novels , poets , songs .. etc ,and post them on their blogs , as a way to share their compositions with the public internet to read and criticize.

…and thats what i might do … kinda

im blogging my thoughts , my ideas , whatever i compose, my journal (if there is anything interesting) , but my propose is different , im not starting this blog for “online readers” , this blog is

  • a practice for my English writing skills
  • a place where i can type down whatever i don’t say (its a mental practice thingie ,idk google about it …)
  • where i gossip and talk about people and things
  • i might post some stories or poets (if i finish one)
  • gud stff 😛

and as i said , im not necessarily writing anything for people to read , but im still posting in public which means im kinda posting for people to read …. weh?

you’ll get it

always excited



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